Epsicode Loic Dansart, Indie Game Developer


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Gentlemacho is a funny and lighthearted 2D action-adventure sidescroller, created as a participation for the Microsoft Dream Build Play "Old Spice" Challenge 2010, and available for sale on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace for 80 MS Points.

The game is a about a traditional English gentleman who finds himself cursed by the Spirit of Manliness, and is changed into a manly brute, Gentlemacho! He is nearly invulnerable and posses the ability to extend his body hair as he pleases, allowing him to smack his enemies with his mustache or hairs, or quickly escape a trap using the very effective "Armpit Evasion". However, his superhuman heightened senses also include smell, and he will soon pass out from his own stench if he doesn't quickly find samples form the 4 freshest places in the world!

Gentlemacho (Denali level)

Whip your enemies with your mustache!

Our hero will travel through Matterhorn, Fiji, Denali and Cyprus, each with its own unique environment and enemies and terrifying bosses like the Kitten-Yeti or the Laser-Shooting-Flying-Rooster-Shark!

The terrifying Laser-Shooting-Flying-Rooster-Shark!

The terrifying Laser-Shooting-Flying-Rooster-Shark!

The game features high definition animated old timey cutscenes, inspired by silent movies from the 1900s, with authentic "old movie" visual effects, sounds and music, to represent more accurately the spirit of the game and its environment, with a high level of polishing.

Check the trailer on YouTube:
Gentlemacho Trailer